Wolf Mountain

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Award Winners, Documentary

Tonya Littlewolf has rescued wolves all her life. At a sanctuary in the empty California desert, she looks after 14 majestic wolves which have been rescued from breeders. Yet, as she cares for the creatures, even feeding them mouth-to-mouth, Tonya questions whether these wolves would be better off in the wild. WOLF MOUNTAIN is a beautiful portrait of Tonya that explores her spiritual connection with the serene and misunderstood animals.

Winner of Nat Geo WILD’s Wild to Inspire competition.

Directed and Produced by:
Dan Duran, Brendan Nahmias, Sam Price-Waldman

Cinematography and Editing by:
Dan Duran and Sam Price-Waldman

Music by:

Featuring Tonya Littlewolf & Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

Copyright 2012 – Dan Duran, Brendan Nahmias, Sam Price-Waldman

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This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Wolf Mountain

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