Who Am I

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Award Winners, Film Competitions, International Cinema

A middle-aged couple go on a journey seeking the truth about their inner selves.

Best Film winner ‘Wie Ben Ik’ (‘Who am I’) by NOBS film + video.
(which will also go on to screen at Cannes Film Festival.)

Best Actress
Marit van Bohemen in ‘Wie Ben Ik’ (‘Who am I’) by NOBS film + video

Best Actor
Mattijn Hartemink in ‘Wie Ben Ik’ (‘Who am I’) by NOBS film + video

Best Directing
‘Wie Ben Ik’ (‘Who am I’) by NOBS film + video

Best Use of Genre Award

200 Filmmakers from around the world submitted their short films for this year’s Four Points Film Project, the official online-only sister competition of the 48HFP. Similar to the 48HFP, 4PFP filmmakers had three days to write, produce, and edit their short film using elements that weren’t revealed until their local kickoff time. The films were posted online for the public to choose an Audience Choice Award. In addition, a jury of film professionals deliberated on a variety of awards.


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Who Am I

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