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Horror, International Cinema, Student Films, Suspense & Mystery, Thriller

Esme returns home late at night, assuming she’s alone, and prepares to unwind. She is shocked to discover a mysterious figure in her bedroom. How should she react? Will the intruder harm her? Esme has a trick or two up her own sleeve and a way of turning the tables on the hapless burglar.

Written & Directed by Jonathan Foulston

Starring Harriett Neville & Gregory Layhe

Produced by Jonathan Foulston

1st A.D.: Bella Evans
2nd A.D.: Hannah Lees

Director of Photography: Marcell Csillag

Production Design & Costume: Louise Dunk

Sound Recordist: Sam Hiorns

Edit & Grade by Jonathan Foulston

Sound Editing & Mixing by Jonathan Foulston

Additional Sound Effects: Julius Galla and Headphaze

Runner: Eliza Girling

Additional Cast: Kyle Morris and Finn Sylvester-Edwards

Special Thanks to Gillian Jones and David Jones

Shot on location in Norfolk, UK.

Enquiries: [email protected]


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Trespass

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