The Silencer

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Action & Adventure, Comedy

MOWA Productions

Producer Alexandre Duong
Writer Kelvin Liu
Director Jasmin Geljo
D.O.P Sydney Tam
B-Cam David Nguyen


The Silencer – Alexandre Duong
Librarian – Ana Shepherd
Punk 1 – Timothy Duong
Punk 2 – Shara Kim
Punk 3 – Jennifer Murray
Punk 4 – Jonny Caines
Punk 5 – Alex Armbruster


A passive-aggressive librarian finds challenge in keeping the peace at her library on account of several rowdy patrons. She resorts to hiring “The Silencer”, a non-speaking, no-nonsense enforcer of the peace. The Silencer arrives and solves her concerns.

Special Thanks to Master Shak, BMV Bookstore, Raindance Canada and Quinotaur Productions.



This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: The Silencer

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