The Murder Plans

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Suspense & Mystery, Thriller

One problem… one plan… only one surprise and no chance to survive.

Tara Magalski, Lanna Joffrey, Mark Levy

Directed By
Raman Amarvadi

Screenplay By
Raman Amarvadi

Produced By
Raman Amarvadi & Tim Mukherjee

Plot: Kelly dreamt for a simple life. All she ever wanted is to have a loving husband and wonderful kids. She fought against her father to marry Jonathan. Jonathan who appears to be a loving husband has more to his personality. Kelly realized late. Kelly’s inheritance is Jonathan’s motive. Kelly’s struggles began immediately after she refused to make him the heir to her property after knowing his intentions. To Kelly, all the property is her Father’s loving memory. Jonathan has no intentions of giving up decided to pursue another way of getting the money. While Kelly waits hopefully for Jonathan to realize and change his ways Jonathan’s thoughts have already gone to the extreme level of finding ways to get rich quick by the night.

Jonathan finds a help to carry out his plan who can execute it to the perfection. His plan is that one planned night his wife gets killed in a robbery attempt while he is away.

Jonathan also needs an alibi for a night. Since he has a sweet tooth for one night stands, he finds the idea of spending a night with a stranger in a luxury hotel is a perfectly delicious getaway.

Jonathan arrives at the hotel and waits in his room waiting for the stranger. The stranger, his partner for the night is Rita a gorgeous,charming & sexy young woman. The night appears forever young for the hungry Jonathan. He begins celebrating a bit early. Jonathan can’t wait to get intimate with his beautiful partner but is stopped abruptly by his nagging phone rings. Unfortunately it is not a call that he can avoid since it is from the person who is going to help him that night to eliminate his wife. While Jonathan gets busy with the call, Rita finds a gun hiding in Jonathan’s bag. She becomes panicked and confronts Jonathan as Jonathan begins to look like a serial killer with his gun in her hands.

As unexpected events started flying fast like sparks in all directions – Jonathan doesn’t have a chance to calm down and think straight…

That Sunday night can’t wait to resolve a couple of things for Jonathan quickly.. as next day morning few of the rest got to get to work on how things were resolved the previous night..

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This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: The Murder Plans

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