The Martyr

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Drama, International Cinema

“The Martyr” is an agonizing saga of the life of a freedom fighter ​Jagat Singh who has undiminished patriotism . It aims to propound that it’s not only the soldiers who receive martyrdom by losing their lives in the line of duty. All those who stand for a cause that is in the interest of mankind and brotherhood, putting their lives at stake, are worthy martyrs in every way. With their dauntless courage and sense of duty towards their fellow citizens they leave their footprints on the grains of sand for generations to follow. They are the real heroes of a nation free from oblivion’s curse.

|| Team Martyr ||
Director : Ashish Saxena
Producer : Lalit Saxena (Vega Films)
Co-producer : Govind Pershad Saxena (Raju Saxena & His Group)
Cast : Arun Bali ,Gulshan Pandey, Sushant Saxena,Akshay Saxena,Basant, Jolly, Anu Sharma, Prince Deepak
Concept : Mala Govind Saxena
Screenwriter : Ashok Kocchar
Music : A.R Saxena
Singer : Raju Saxena , Oshin Bhatia
Camera :Shiv Shakti
Editor & DI : Maag Fx
Subtitle : Nilanjana CG
Copyrights reserved with : VEGA FILMS



This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: The Martyr

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