The Friend Zone

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Comedy, Romance

A bittersweet comedy about the all-too-familiar binds of friendship and nothing more.

Seth has decided. Today is the day he will finally break out of the friend zone. He’s going to tell his best friend how he really feels about her. How he loves her ridiculous name, Brooke Lola Andromeda Tanner. How he loves her hair. Her eyes when she laughs. Her legs when she dances. The way she swears with celebrity names. How, to him, she embodies every quality that defines perfection and that all he’s ever wanted was to be a part of it. There, with her, in her world. He’s bought her favorite cup of coffee, and he’s determined to make his move.

Brooke is excited. She can’t believe that the man she’s crushed on for ages has asked her out. The stud of her high school. The man whose every quality defines manliness… The new-to-LA, probably soon-to-be movie star Sam Hardy. All Brooke wants to do is tell her best friend Seth, but for some reason, Seth is acting weird…

As Brooke and Seth sit down to tell each other their news, the conversation moves two ways at once, exploring the subtle nuances of friendships, love, and Los Angeles.


Alyssa Suede:
Drew Ignatowski:


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: The Friend Zone

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