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Comedy, Romance

In the age of the neanderthal one Caveman will make love and art.

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Directed by Guy Iorio
Written by Chris Barkman
Produced by Guy Iorio & Tina Carbone

Luke Scroggins as OMEGA
Leah Lamarr as FEMINAM
Hudson White as ALPHA
Robert Michelson as BETA

Tony Delgadillo

Roy Arwas

Sound Design / Mix by
Alfonso Cano

Lisa Wardell [Runes Picture Company]

Caveman Illustrations
Carol Huang

Head Makeup / SFX Makeup
Kat Fernandez

SFX Makeup
Tonya Le
Stefania Med

Production Manager
Tina Carbone

1st AD
Roy Arwas

1st AC
Chris Barkman

Graham Harrison

Key Grip
Jossue Mendoza

Matthew Walewangko

Production Sound
Alfonso Cano
Omar Perez

Andrew Greer

Alfonso Cano

Dialogue Editor
Alfonso Cano

Created for Gearmark.TV
©Gearmark Pictures LLC


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Spark

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