Son of David

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Drama, Student Films, Suspense & Mystery, Thriller

A mysterious young man (Tavis Urquhart) joins a bickering father and son (Jeremy Kewley, Christopher Allen Pask) on an adventure down The Great Ocean Road.

The film explores the repercussions of ostracised relations, multi-racial ethnicity, drug abuse and estranged family. Both narrative and experimental in nature, the film endeavours to demonstrate that the experimental genre needn’t always be entirely abstract or non-linear.

The debut film of director Jake Houston Harris, SON OF DAVID was shot on 8mm film in the summer of 2011. Due to multiple camera and audio malfunctions, budget restraints and time commitments, the project was shelved until 2014, when Jake was able to dedicate further time into the film’s completion.

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor – Jake Houston Harris
Director of Photography – Charlie Ford
Co-Producer – Catrin Ann Harris

Jeremy Kewley – David
Tavis Urquhart – Alex
Christopher Allen Pask – Michael

Adam Marriott – Camera Assist
Charlotte Jane Aldenhoven – Production Designer
Sam Rogers – Sound Recordist
Rhys Addinsall – Score/Sound Design

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