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Action & Adventure

The highly anticipated sequel to CIA Squad ASA Episode 1, ‘Solo’ takes the gripping point of view of a hired mercenary in a violent war. Hired to take out a leading weapons dealer, the mercenary is confronted with life and death decisions at every turn.

LCMK Studios partners with Film Focus Productions for a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat cinematic masterpiece in order to bring you an entertaining action short. Be on the look out for behind the scenes, tutorials and more following the film.

Copyright Film Focus Productions.

Thank you for watching!


Chase scene audio was taken mainly from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1.

Fight scene audio was taken mainly from Film Riot’s short film, Losses:

Music taken from Film Riot’s Losses and Proximity.

Optical flares courtesy of Google Images.

Gun sound effects provided by Creatrix # Visuals:…

Additional gun sound effects taken from ‘Lone Survivor’.

Muzzle flares provided by Detonation Films:

Bullet Shells provided by Vid Muze:…

Everything else was shot, recorded and digitally created by LCMK Studios and Film Focus Productions.


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Solo

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