Pity the Imposter

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Award Winners, Film Competitions

Award winner: Honorable Mention, Best Use of Line. Named to the Top 20 best films out of more than 100 teams. Fourth place Audience Choice.

For Lisa Rucker, a new life is the best — and worst — birthday present.

“Pity the Imposter” is an entry into the 2014 Four Points Film Project (formerly the National Film Challenge), a contest of the 48 Hour Film Project.

Required elements:
Genre: Doppelganger Movie
Prop: Headphones
Character: Linus or Lisa Rucker, Appraiser
Dialogue: “Show me your best blank stare.”

More information:

Roman S. Koenig, executive producer
Jacob Roark, producer
Roman S. Koenig, writer/director/editor
Jacob Roark, director of photography
Rob Gironda, music composer, performance

Rhianna Basore as Lisa Rucker
Anthony Beville as Phil Rucker
Laura Bohlin as Samantha Braithwaite
Julie Clemmons as Mira Covarrubias
Cindy Gilbert as Valerie Cross

Filmed on location:
San Diego, Calif.

Special Thanks:
Ron Wolwowicz and Nancy Johansen
Barbara Basia Koenig and John Petrowski


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Pity the Imposter

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