Phoenix 9

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Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Check out this fantastic Indie Sci-Fi short film by the talented Amir Reichart & Peer Gopfrich!

After a global nuclear war has turned earth into a scorched wasteland, a struggling group of survivors discovers a secret installation that offers a new beginning – but not without a catch…

Phoenix 9 marks the debut for the German team of Amir Reichart (Director & Editor) and Peer Gopfrich (Writer & Producer). The short is a proof-of-concept based on a feature screenplay by Peer Gopfrich.

News and updates:…
Cast & crew info on IMDB:
Directed & Edited by: Amir Reichart
Written & Produced by: Peer Gopfrich
Director of Photography: Tobias Deml
Contact: [email protected]

Mike Davies

Daniela Flynn

Nora Huetz

Cynthia Kirchner

Stephen Laferriere

Paul Lange

Russell Dennis Lewis

Russell Scott Lewis

Ryan Nelson

Corey Rieger

Cliff Smith

Carl Edward Williams

Aileen Xu

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