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Animation, Student Films

Short graduation film, made in 2010 at George Melies school.

Axel digoix, Geoffrey lerus, Mehdi alavi, Alexandre wolfromm, Loïc bramoullé.

Axel Digoix: chara-modeling, hightdef-props-modeling, animation, pidgeon-particle-fx.

Geoffrey lerus: rigs-animation.

Mehdi Alavi: crowd-system-creation, animation, hight-def-props-modeling, cloth.

Alexandre Wolfromm: skin, character-FX, cloth, VFX, animation.

Loïc Bramoullé: environment design and creation, texturing lighting rendering compositing, matte paintings.

Original music by Arash Safaian


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Parigot

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