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Award Winners, Film Competitions, International Cinema

PAGE 23 is the first short film that the young creatives Jeroen Houben, Tim Arts and Stefan van den Boogaard made together. Their first effort immediately resulted in the jury prize and audience award at the 48 Hour Film Project in Utrecht (Netherlands), and nominations in other categories.


Story: Advertisements usually display unruffled domestic happiness. But, as we will see in Page 23, this world looks too good to be true. Behind the beaming smile of fashion models loom adultery and the stifling daily routine.

Written and directed by: Jeroen Houben, Tim Arts, Stefan van den Boogaard
Production: Jeroen Houben, Jessie Mentjox
Director of photography: Dick Merx
Gaffer: Mick van Herk
Light assistence: Roel Neuraij, Kiki van Herk
Boom-operator: Louk Voncken
Productie assistence: Maarten Kuypers, Olya van Poppel
1st assistent director: Marèl Jap-Sam
Set-Dresser: Marianne Lock
Styling: Laurence Mensink
Make-up: Iris Zuidema
Editor: Wouter van Luijn
Music: Joris Titawano
Titel sequence: Jurjen Versteeg

Sven – Achmed Akkabi
Wife – Liliana de Vries
Volunteer – Jessie Mentjox
Woman on bed – Zara Dwinger
Man on sofa – Robin Alcedo-Overbosch
Man in kitchen – Maarten Kuypers

Genre: Sci-Fi
Prop: Glasses
Line of dialogue: “Amazingly beautiful, yet hoplessly impractical”
Character: Inge Talis, volunteer

Golden Eye
Schram Studio’s


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Page 23

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