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“OverLove” tells the story of the 17-year-old Olivia, who struggles with anxiety and OCD on a daily basis. Olivia’s OCD revolves around the fear of hurting those she loves the most, and it is concretized in an intense fear of hurting her 9-year-old brother, Noa, to whom she has an otherwise close and friendly relation with. Olivia is in high school, and on the surface she appears to be living quite a “normal life”, dividing her free time between family and friends. Nevertheless, she fights a daily battle with the underlying anxiety and the extremely dominant and disturbing OCD. Olivia’s mother is alone, and she is busy with making ends meet; thus, the fact that her daughter has a mental illness does not strike her at first. One morning, Olivia’s mother asks Olivia to pick up Noa after school, suggesting that she might take him to Tivoli. A situation, which would otherwise seem simple and harmless, a situation, which Olivia would usually be able to handle, but which she strongly wants to decline due to her fear of acting according to the OCD. But how does she tell her mother about the thoughts? Would such a confession lead to her mother thinking that she might act on the thoughts?

© Lucas Helth & Clara Tufte 2017
Supported by The Danish Filmworkshop / Copenhagen

Starring Caroline Vedel, Victor Skov Dahl Christiansen & Miriam Yeager

Director: Lucas Helth
Screenplay: Adrian Kirk Ejsing & Lucas Helth
Producer: Clara Tufte
Sound Designer & Composer: Daniel Bøgh Nielsen
Director of Photography: Kim Bech
Editor: Malte Greis
Casting Director: Astrid Faarup
Credit song: “Vandalain” by Fallulah


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: OverLove

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