Love Thief

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Film Noir, Student Films

Love Thief. Set in the 1940’s, Detective Gitts becomes impatient when his mysterious wife, Emma, has once again not arrived home. Throughout the middle of the night, Detective Gitts is greeted with a phone call from a man, Mr Cramer, saying that he has kidnapped Emma. Detective Gitts is persuaded into making a deal with Emma’s ‘kidnapper’. A deal that involves the trading of a suitcase full of money and gold, for his wife, whom he would do anything for. Will Detective Gitts save the day or realise it’s just a scandalous setup? Love Thief sparks twisted love, resulting in a shock ending.

Love Thief has incorporated many of the film noir conventions and techniques, which have been influenced by early noir films. These characteristics include chiaroscuro lighting, skewed camera angles, iconography and monochrome cinematography. This short film also embeds the use of characters, camera positions, scopophilia, the male gaze, gender hierarchy, binary oppositions, heteronormativity, the proxemic code, editing, locations and music to appeal to a wide target audience.

Student film created for a year 12 assignment. Had to use elements of “Film Noir”.


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Love Thief


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