Elevator Crush

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Romance, Student Films

A film about unexpected new found love.

A short film directed by Chauncey Crail and Emilio Rodriguez.
Story, cinematography, editing and effects by Chauncey Crail.
Produced by Blue Block Studios.
Music by James Dinneen.

Starring James Dinneen, Emily Kautz, Clay Edwards and Olivia Foster.
Production assistants: Caitlin Taber, Brian Heng and Aya Blanco.
Extras: Dylan Sondermann, Nick Roman, Erin Harty and Emilia Whitmer.

Special thanks to Clay Haskell, Scott Krzych, Demetria Humphries and the Colorado College Film Department, Campus Security and Safety, Media Services, Maintenance and Residential Life Departments, as well as the entire 2013 Block Two FM102 Basic Filmmaking Class.


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Elevator Crush

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