Das Tub

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Action & Adventure, International Cinema, Student Films

Lost in the frozen depths of the Atlantic a German U-Boat crew find themselves on a collision course with objects stranger than they can fathom. The truth leaves them bathed in confusion. Epic drama by Media Design School 3D Animation and Visual Effects students. Learn more: http://www.mediadesignschool.com

A live action and computer graphic animated short film with 35 visual effects shots from students at Media Design School. With fully computer graphic underwater submarine shots and 3D submarine interiors composited behind green screen film actors, this film was made by a team of 5 digital artists in just 8 weeks.

Media Design School is New Zealand’s most awarded tertiary provider and offers specialist degrees in 3D animation and visual effects, game art, game programming and digital design. Degrees are developed in collaboration with industry to ensure graduates enter the work force as highly skilled professionals.

Media Design School is part of the Laureate group, the world’s largest private university network which includes dedicated design schools in San Diego, California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA; Berlin and Milan, Italy. This connection provides an international landscape for the exchange of curriculum, faculty and students, as well as opportunities for dual-degree programs.


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Das Tub

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