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Award Winners, Drama, Film Competitions

Raven Films entered this short film into the Houston 48 Hour Film Project 2012.

Crackerjack is the story of three brothers in the 1930’s deep south, their altercation with a psychopath and one of the brother’s love for a woman he intends to marry. All of them get mixed up into one giant ordeal as the three brothers struggle to fix the conflict.

On Thursday, July 26th Raven films took home 11 awards for this film including:
-Audience Favorite Group A
-Best Costumes
-Best Writing
-Best Song
-Best Musical Score
-Best Sound Design
-Best Editing
-Creepiest Villain
-Best Actor (James Glen Tucker)
-Best Director
-Best Film


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Crackerjack

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