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Drama, International Cinema

BREATHE is a short film with Victor MEUTELET & Marthe VILLALONGA directed by Jerome ROUMAGNE and produced by 3iS.

Antoine is fond of running but he suffers from cystic fibrosis. At the hospital, he meets Juliette, a cantankerous old lady. At this moment they did not yet know how they are going to need one another.

Director : Jérôme Roumagne
Writters : Marie Delsart et Jérôme Roumagne
Production manager & Decorator : Maxime Gaillot Bony
DOP : Quentin Allain
Sound operator : Fanny Chauvin
Boomer : Maéva Vigniaud
Editors: Hugues Dardart et Alexis Amidey
Composer : Alexandre Chaigniau



This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Breathe

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