Boxed In

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A manager and agent try to get their client, a famous yet problematic actor, to a 20 million dollar meeting with a producer. Many unexpected problems arise…

Winner of the following awards at the 48 Hour Film Project Hong Kong 2010:
Best Film of the Festival
Best Director
Best Acting

This is the full 13 minute film (shot in 1 day). The version entered for the festival was cut down to 7 minutes because of the 48 Hour Film Project requirements.


Director/Cinematographer: Arne Venema
Writers: Duc Lu / Arne Venema
Editors: Jon So / Arne Venema
CGI: Emma Moosa
Producer: Spencer Douglass


Duc – Duc Luu
Kirt – Kirt Kishita
Joe – Joe Fiorello
Harry – Harry Du Yung
Emilie – Emilie Guillot
Tony Chen – Jon So
Director – Max Lam

Festival rules included – Feature a reporter called Tony Chen, include a pair of headphones, include the line – “I believe this is yours”


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Boxed In

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