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Award Winners, Drama, Film Competitions, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A good citizen of αβ (Alphabeta) named K struggles to accept the truth about her society and her closest friends. An award winning student film.

Won Grand Prize at the Seoul Youth International Film Festival (13+ Division, 2016)
Screened at the Austin Film Festival (Young Filmmakers Competition, 2016)
Nominated for Best Picture at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Won Best Cinematography at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Won Best Visual Effects at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Won Best Sound at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Nominated for Best Directing at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Nominated for Best Production Design at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)
Nominated for Best Editing at the OCSA FTV Awards (2016)


Maddie Moore as Citizen K
Joshua Poon as Citizen O
Jamieson Price as Mayor A
Allison Conrey as Omicron (Glasses)
Megan Weaver-Seitz as TV Reporter

Director: Margo S. Lee (Soorim Lee)
Producer: Andrea Bedoya
Screenwriters: Matthew Dalton and Jamie Ostmann
Cinematographer: Jaxon Schriever
Production Designers: Kylie McGuire and Jamie Ostmann

1st ADs: Melanie Tu and Matthew Dalton
Gaffer: Connor Cheng
Grip: Kylie McGuire
Audio/Boom: Gianni Boyadjian

Editor: Evan C. Barda
Visual Effects: Jaxon Schriever

Special Thanks: Michael Brown, Charan Family, Nick Huntley, McGuire Family, Aaron Orullian, Christopher Huntley, and Kyle Seitz

“Light Thought” by Kevin MacLeod
“Better Days” by
“Ambient” by Oans
“A New Beginning” by Noxive


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Axiom

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