Another Way

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Drama, Musicals

When Maya, a fiercely independent college student, begins to suffer from mysterious chronic headaches and short term memory loss, only the sound of music can bring back her disappearing memories.

Starring Shashona Brooks and Dan Beckner.

Written and Directed by: Alex Calleros

Director of Photography: Michael Tucker

Featuring music by Birds Fled From Me.



Musicians Maya and Noah are about to perform a song they’ve composed for the ‘Young Songwriter’s Competition.’ As they go on stage, Maya suddenly becomes confused. Unbeknownst to her, a tumor is growing inside her brain, causing her short-term memory to fail. As Noah begins to play the piano, lost memories associated with their song come filtering back, triggered by the music.

Maya recalls her life as an over-worked, financially struggling college student working two jobs. While her true passion lies in music, she studies psychology, a more ‘practical’ major. She experiences chronic headaches, but can’t afford to see a doctor. So Maya hides her symptoms from others, trying to avoid facing the reality of her intensifying illness. Noah, on the other hand, is able to pursue his passion for music, yet he’s miserable. As a closeted gay man, he yearns to have an open, romantic relationship with his secret lover Patrick. But living with their closed-minded, homophobic housemates keeps them in the closet.

Noah and Maya meet by chance at his birthday party, and quickly become friends. When they start to work together on a song for the competition, Noah notices Maya’s deteriorating health. Maya, stubbornly independent, insists that she’s fine.

Maya finds herself frozen on stage before a panel of judges. As she struggles to remember her song’s lyrics and the events that led to this moment, she realizes that the competition means nothing if she and Noah are unable to confront their deepest fears.


This description is from the short film’s original source, which can be found here: Another Way


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